Team Skullfuck's Home Base

Team Skullfuck’s Home base began as Wilamena’s Abandoned Keep, and grew to be the center of operations for both team Skullfuck and the kobold liberation front.

In exchange for their protection, aid, goods, and other services, Pol, the messiah of the kobold liberation front, lent his massive reserve of kobolds to Team Skullfuck as much as they were needed. As such, The Keep grew at an enormous rate. It’s ramparts were reinforced, it’s rooms renovated, it’s dungeon expanded into a multi-level labyrinth of kobold cave structures. And of course, additions were made for an airship and sea dock. The head of the mage’s tower, Magnus, was even able to use his study of the egg’s to build a doorway that would allow instant travel to and from the mage’s academy, over which the kobold’s kept a large capstone to prevent inappropriate use.

It wasn’t long before the group had its own blacksmith, and even it’s own brewery. The fields between the walls of the keep and Twil’s swamp became a makeshift tent-city for kobolds who no longer wanted to live underground, and what was once a one lane path of dirt between the keep and the town of Burden was now a two way gravel thoroughfare.

The services available at the keep include:
-The Jobs board
-Non-magical blacksmithing
-Ben’s Artificing lab
-Merchant shipping
-Instant travel to the Mage’s Tower – Academy level

Team Skullfuck's Home Base

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