Sanguinous Imperium

Side Quest

Ethan, Mike, and Bryan

With the events of the Prima Bravura behind them, the group realized they would need to wait and prepare themselves up to 10 days until Shannon was able to reincarnate and inform them of the location of their eggs.

Ethan, who had retained his Egg and had it blessed by [redacted], had a different mission, however: He had to [redacted], Mt. Mensula. Luckily, Bryan and Mike were able to offer their assistance, as Bryan had been getting used to clandestine operations, and Mike was more than willing to take a job if it got him a good battle.

So, while our other heroes set to preparing for Shannon’s return, Ethan, Mike, and Bryan set out to prepare themselves to go to Mt. Mensula. First, however, Ethan wanted to make a stop by Sky Town.

The trip to Skytown took about half a day with the airship, and Ethan used the time to discuss something with the Goblin Cleric Clarence.

[Discussion redacted] He and Mike then [redacted].

After that, the group returned to the keep so that Bryan could retrieve himself a magic sword from the portal to the Mage’s College, and Mike sought out a club worthy of being a backup to his old one. Bryan was able to find a black short sword that leaked shadow, and decided to call it Disaster, mentioning it also cost about 65000 gold, but declined to mention what it did. Mike found an acceptable club of a similar price, and bought himself a special stick as well. Ethan outspent them a great deal. He had decided to [redacted].

Then, finally, the three made their journey to Mt. Mensula.

Mt. Mensula, far to the north, nestled in the plains before the mountains and above the forests where the bandit camp now sprawled, was essentially the Olympus of Sanguinous Imperium. At its top, at the end of a very long, very steep set of narrow stairs, lay the main temples to every above ground major god and goddess imaginable. One of the very largest of these, the great glass and marble temple to Pelor, god of the sun, lay at the opposite end of the courtyard where Ethan anchored the airship to a viewing platform.

Ethan, wanting to [redacted].

Ashes and rubble were all that remained of the temple to Pelor. Ethan’s egg skittered like a spider across the ground. The new twisted, stretched, pale version of Ethan placed a single gold coin into Mike’s hand, and Bryan smiled.



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