Welcome to the country of Sanguinous Imperium.

You have, for better or for worse, been transported to this new dimension by means of a magic stone, and it’s up to you and your friends to either find a way home or make a new life.

When you arrived, you found this world was not without its problems. The country of Sanguinous Imperium has been taken by a masterful lich warlord and placed under military rule, and you’ve landed right in the middle of the band of revolutionaries hellbent on defeating the lich and returning the glory of Sanguinous Imperium to the hands of it’s true heiress, Princess Wilamena DePelorgras. She and her companions have enlisted you and your friends to find the Codex of Night that resides in the Valley of Nox, the home of a grand library of all knowledge that is only accessible by those of Outsider status.

In your travels, you have discovered that the magical stones that served as portals between this world and your home have more properties than you first realized. These “dimensional eggs” are light in your hand, but not in others’, they change shape according to your will, and they can be imbued with magical effects that you choose as you grow in power and understanding of the eggs. They even respond to prayers, and they’re highly sought after. What are they, really?

So, what will you do? Seek out the answers to all your questions, including the way home, in the Valley of Nox? Become rich beyond your wildest dreams and seek to rule this new world?

It’s all up to you.