Magnus' Letter to Mathias

Dear Oafish Brute Thing (Grom),

[Picture of big orc stick figure handing the letter to a party member once they received the amulet of the Owl.]

Dear sycophantic adventurer types,

I have entrusted this form letter to your handler for use when you arrive at my tower. the amulet your have retrieved for me is the Amulet of the Owl, and is the key to my academy, as the tower has no formal doors.

Place the key upon the relief on the owl statue, and the portal will be made clear to you. Once inside my tower, there will be refreshments, but beyond that, no formal aid.

Each floor is divided into one of the four primary elements: Earth, Water, Wind, and Flame. Only the worthiest of acolytes may advance from one room to another, so you must hope our “receptionist” is available to transport you to the tower’s final floor. Actually traversing the tower is reserved for gifted initiates and invaders only.

When you arrive at the tower’s peak, speak with Mathias, my second in command. Give him this letter.

Mathias you ignorant twit!

How could you manage to lose my amulet to a worthless group of simple minded Kobolds!? I will flay your left hand upon my return. If you wish to spare yourself my ire, use the cloak to transport these outworlders to the gate outside the valley of nox and return to the encampment with them once they emerge with the information on defeating that cur Maximus. Fail me and I will remove your spine.




Magnus' Letter to Mathias

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