Harmony, The Crystal Echoblade

Harmony, the symbol representing the power of the Grande Maestro of Sanguinous Imperium, is a harmonized crystal echoblade filigreed with various gemstones and silver. The blade, as the name suggests, is made of a light purple translucent crystal, and is as sharp as broken glass but as hard as mithril. It has a special sheathe, similarly filigreed and made of crystal, designed to keep it safe and sharp, as it would likely cut through wood or leather over a short period of time.

A crystal echoblade normally functions as a +1 longsword, but is enhanced by musical ability. If a bardic music ability is used while wielding the weapon, the blade resonates, dealing additional sonic damage on each attack equal to half its user’s bard level.

A harmonizing weapon accompanies its user in song if drawn, granting a +2 competence bonus on Perform (music) checks.

In addition, if holding a harmonizing weapon when beginning a bardic music effect, the weapon can continue the effect, allowing its user to focus on other efforts. One round after beginning a bardic music effect that allows or requires continued use or concentration (including inspire courage, countersong, fascinate, inspire competence, inspire greatness, song of freedom, and inspire heroics), the weapon picks up and continues the performance flawlessly for 10 rounds, until its user starts another bardic music effect, or until its user commands it to end as a swift (mental) action.

Harmony, The Crystal Echoblade

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