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  • Sam Knightsbane

    Sam is the leader of a bandit group in revolt against Maximus' tyranical reign. He does whatever he wants whenever he wants, but values loyalty above all and sees his friends and followers as family.

  • Terrance Eagle-Eye

    The right hand of Sam Knightsbane, he tends to ignore protocol and often goes behind Sam's back to steal and avoid guild taxes. But when it comes down to it, Terrance does more for the sinister reputation of the bandit guild than anyone, and can be …

  • Magnus Wolfschild

    More of a lawyer than a mage, Magnus is the brains behind the revolution. Appraisal, politics, and deceit is his bread and butter. He tends to value professionalism and competance above all else.

  • Bootless Bowen

    Bootless Bowen is a toothless old ranger who speaks gibberish but knows the area so well he could lead a hike barefoot and blindfolded, and he has, at that. Sam Knightsbane keeps him around the camp for one reason or another, but doesn't like to talk …

  • Tessa the Tactless

    Known for playing bawdy sea shanties at funerals and dirges at weddings, Tessa wants to write a song that'll wrinkle a cleric's nose and charm the pants off any wench. She's convinced hanging out with rogues and bandits will give her what she needs, and …

  • Wilamena DePelorgras

    Wilamena is the daughter of the late King DePelorgras, and sister to the lich lord Maximus DePelorgras, known as Maximus the Dead. When her brother started showing signs of insanity, her mother the Queen sent her to a distant monastery to become a cleric …

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