Wilamena DePelorgras

Estranged sister of Maximus, heiress to DePelorgras throne, very rebellious


Has a thing for Andrew.

Gave you her summer keep for a base, if you’re able to clear the enchanted bandit king out.


Wilamena is the daughter of the late King DePelorgras, and sister to the lich lord Maximus DePelorgras, known as Maximus the Dead. When her brother started showing signs of insanity, her mother the Queen sent her to a distant monastery to become a cleric, where she stayed long enough to learn how to get out, and took up with Sam Knightsbane to steal drinking money from her father’s tax caravans to spite her family for sending her away.

Life was great until she heard word of her father’s decision to curse Maximus and Maximus’ consequent seizure of the Granite Citadel, the capitol of Sanguinous Imperium and her once home. As far as she knows, she is the last living heiress to the throne, and she has taken it upon herself to kill her brother, avenge her family, and bring justice back to Sanguinous Imperium.

She has a sense of humor as wicked as her brother’s heart, and if a man wakes up to find a viper in his boot, well, she’ll get to healing him right away. Yup, right after she finishes laughing as he starts to turn blue.

Wilamena DePelorgras

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