Dungeon Master PC, Rogue, silent but deadly, TWO armed wonder


Alignment: CG

Languages: Japanese, French, Common

HP: 30

AC: 18

Ability Scores:
Str: 12 – 1
Dex: 18 – 4
Con: 16 – 3
Int: 16 – 3
Wis: 16 – 3
Cha: 14 – 2

Fort: 5
Reflex: 9
Will: 5

Egg Weapon Stats:
lvl 2 Bladed Guantlet: +3 Atk/DMG 1d6 slash x2 crit (15ft knockback standard/ 30ft full) (Quick change standard action)


Since his arrival, Bryan has made friends with the lowest of the low in the bandit camp, learning legerdemain and the art of rogues. He’s been oddly silent since coming to this new world, but has voiced in favor of staying versus going home. His cats, Pirate and Coraline, often follow him around, but don’t seem to participate in much other than watching and keeping the camp free of mice and birds.

Recently, during a troll ambush, Bryan lost his left arm below the elbow. He took things surprisingly well, and had fashioned his egg into a bladed prosthetic until Ben was able to reattach it for him.

He seems to carry a little bit of everything in his pack.


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