Sanguinous Imperium

The Three Emissaries and the Drunken Naval Rescue

When the party finally returned to their castle home, Herschel and a group of three emissaries were there to meet them. While their kobold servants unpacked their wealth, the group elected to meet with the emissaries and see what they needed.

The first emissary, obviously a Vampire by the sight of him, came to warn them that their deal for safety with Maximus the Dead was wearing thin, and he expected them to begin their journey to the Valley of Nox within the month, or there would be dire consequences. With much cajoling, the group was able to assuage his distrust of their motives somewhat, and Ethan’s promise to meet him later that evening for a potential turning persuaded him to leave for now.

The second, Tessa the Tactless, member of the resistance group which had first rescued the party and set them on their way to the Valley of Nox to find a way to defeat Maximus, was nonplussed by the discovery that they had also made a deal with Maximus, but encouraged them to backstab Maximus at their earliest opportunity. She mentioned that she, too, had been sent to check on their progress, as though words of their misdeeds had traveled across the land, it didn’t seem to be leading them anywhere closer to the valley. Tessa decided she would stay with the group until such a time as they decided to actually begin their quest, and left to go make herself at home.

The third emissary, a scared man who came down with Herschel from Burden, came to relay an urgent request to the group. The Brotherhood of Weejas, whose mission was to preserve balance between good and evil in the world, had noticed that far too many evil undead had been raised, and far too many good people killed. They endeavored, therefore, to bring a sacked down of 100,000 people back to true life, but they needed the skill of two necromancers and the protection of Team Skullfuck to succeed in their task. The team agreed to meet two days henceforth, and the man hurriedly left to bring his information back to the brotherhood.

In the meantime, the party decided to celebrate their recent fortune with a good round of getting completely shit-faced.

During the proceeding shots, shots, and more shots, Ethan proceeded to slink out of the castle and to his clandestine meeting with the Vampire Emissary of Maximus the Dead. The Vampire was more than happy to discuss the process of becoming a Vampire, especially the part where he would be draining Ethan of blood, but Ethan interrupted the Vampire with a request that he accompany him to the Shadow Realm, where it was dark all the time, and no sun shone to hamper a Vampire’s good fun. The Vampire thought it was a great idea, and upon arrival on the Shadow Plane, Ethan promptly waved goodbye to the Vampire and abandoned him there on the spot, never to be seen again.

That dealt with, Ethan returned to relay the good news, and mentioned that he felt good enough to go rescue his ship, which was only a short three hour boat ride from their home. The rest of the party happily agreed… to go wake up Ben, and drag him down to the boatyard where they proceeded to happily and drunkenly lay waste to anything and everything that stood between them and their precious airship. Many men lost their lives that day, and not a one of them really understood why a group of angry drunks was beating the hell out of them and trashing their workplace in the process of doing it. But, they did manage to rescue their ship and its crew of kobolds in the process.



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